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About Us

Mission of UODA:

  • MS1: Foster excellent teaching, research and service that can develop a highly skilled and educated citizen necessary to advance the well-being of primarily Bangladesh and secondarily the international community.
  • MS2: Manned by some of the best teachers, it cares about teaching and about what they teach, like professionally relevant courses and outcome-based teaching and training for skilled development enriching the qualities of both head and heart.
  • MS3: Emphasize research and is determined on taking leadership in high level research to translate knowledge into technological innovations and activity and also exposure to future adaptive technology.
  • MS4: Place utmost emphasis on self-reliance and development of social and cultural values that reflect national identity.
  • MS5: Promote a policy of accessible higher education for all enterprising students and not the chosen few through reduced tuition fees, provision of scholarship and providing adequate faculty support.
  • MS6: Enhance collaboration between academia and industry to create career opportunities and accumulate research funding.
  • MS7: To create the necessary academic conditions to produce students who will actively participate in the removal of any and all sorts of gender and social discrimination and poverty.

Vision of University


The will become an institution rooted in traditional and moral values, committed to making it a leading center of academic excellence nationally and globally to develop human resource enriched in humanitarian values by providing complete education with appropriate knowledge, skills and civic virtues.

Our Mission


The objective of B.Sc. and MCSE Degree in Computer Science & Engineering program of the University is to provide the detailed knowledge about Computer Hardware and Software technologies with hands-on experience sot that graduates will be able to work with adequate skills and integrity in their profession. Graduates will be able to analyze, design, develop and implement software and hardware solutions to real case problems.

Our Visions


The vision of The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Development Alternative is to become a national leader in Computer education and care with the application of core knowledge and skills relative to the involving computational, software and hardware.